PRIMECELL   offers rebuild service for Remote Technologies Inc.  /  RTI-T2 Battery


RTI  ( Remote Technologies Inc.) has discontinued the model T2 Theater System, and no longer offers batteries for these remotes. 

They are now advising customers that another high quality piece of equipment -- (that was also super high cost) -- is now a just another land fill item?

The cells to produce the original T2 battery are no longer available which makes a direct replacement impossible.  Customers are told that this is now your problem. 

Of course the only suggestion they have is to inform you that original product must be replaced with a new system.   But hey -- aren't they in business to tell you that?

Be Advised:    Primecell rebuilds your original T2 battery and upgrades it with larger cells to increase the capacity to 1000mAh NiMh cells. 

We are the only company to offer this upgrade service -- so if you are searching for something better --  look no further -- you just found it.

Don't settle for remanufactured T2 batteries that are only 700 mAH (even less than original 800 mAh factory models).

The upgraded battery design allows use of any of the original chargers sold with the T2 battery.



Your own battery is returned to you. Service includes battery upgrade only.  We cannot replace the original plastic enclosures, so if yours has damage, or if the latches are broken -- it will still have that damage when returned.

Rebuild  $ 39.95 each plus shipping.

Down load and print the order form and enclose it in the package with your battery for rebuild.

Send the package to:   

PRIMECELL - CUNARD Associates Inc., 

9343 US RT 220   /    Bedford,  PA  15522

Press button for an Order Form & label to prepare your shipment.




4.8 V  1000 mAh NiMh

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