SCAN-MAX ~ Scanner Battery

 Made with  SANYO NiMh cells.

Use for monitoring Police & Fire Depts. Air traffic, Marine, and for Search & Rescue communications.

Designed for scanners listed below:

* Uniden ~ * Icom ~ * Radio Shack communications scanners.

* Sportcat & * NASCAR Scanners

 Scan-Max 4.8V 2500mAh

 Three times the capacity of NiCad and 60% more than original NiMh batteries.

 Stronger ~ More time ~ Dependable



* UNIDEN: BP120 / BP150 / BP180 / BP250

  * Bearcat: BC120XLT / BC220XLT   BC230XLT / BC235XLT / BC245XLT

* Trunk Trackers: BC250D ~ BC296D

* Sportcat * Nascar: SC140 ~ SC140B ~ SC150 ~  SC150B ~ SC150Y ~ SC180 ~ SC180B ~  SC200

* Radio Shack:  Pro-90 ~ 20-520

   * ICOM: IC-T7A ~ IC-T7H ~ IC-T22A  IC-T42A ~ IC-W31A ~ IC-W32A ~ IC-Z1A

   This 4.8 V 2500mAh NiMh battery, will replace any original 4.8V NiCd or NiMH "plug in" type batteries.  It is OK to use with original charger.  Allow 24 hours.


 If you demand only the very best

  Choose the Scan-Max 2500 Battery

Click on photo - see front and back views - charging details.

Please beware of the claims made by others to sell poor quality scanner batteries on eBay.  Their capacity is 1200mAh or not stated at all. They can be less than the original battery, and less than 1/2 the capacity of the Scan-Max


Our one year warranty applies to this high quality product. For more details about our warranty visit the primecell website.


      * Notice:  Uniden, Sportcat, Trunk Tracker, and all Uniden model names or numbers listed, are the property of... or Reg. trademarks of UNIDEN Corporation. Primecell is not affiliated with Uniden, Radio Shack,  Apelco,  Icom, Raytheon or Sears.